Air Freight

MGL Sea Freight Company offer air cargo services to and from all countries on the globe. Utilizing cargo space on passenger aircraft plus air freighters, and charted flights give us the flexibility to provide a very comprehensive service for customers.

Services for all types of general cargo both imports and exports are provided.

As a company we have a very solid reputation with the airlines serving. Through this we have the flexibility to cater for individual customer needs by offering customers different options on price and transit times.

Our extensive agency network covers all the trading countries.

Full in house customs and cartage services are available at both ends to cover door to door requirements. The exporters can also contact us for advice on Customs matters including export entries, border regulations, and exporter code applications and so on.

Similarly importers are welcome to contact us in respect duty rates, landed costings, importer codes and so on. We have developed our own strong reputation for sevicing excellence in terms of quality, reliability, speed and value of money.

Whether the shipment is a small package or a full charter load, clients are provided with tailor-made, personalized services designed to meet their specific logistics needs.

Airport to Airport

Break Bulk

Restricted Materials

Door to Door

Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Pet Animals

For all air freight services, we offer free pick-up of any shipment for export from Kuwait. Contact us for more details.